Competition Updates

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March 8-10  Applause – Capitol Theater Columbus

April 5-7 VIP  Dayton Convention Center

April 12-14 NextStar- Westerville North High School

April 26-28 Hall of Fame – Columbus Convention Center

May 3-5  Kids Artistic Review-  Pickerington High School

PAB New Agenda

September 26, 2018  Kick off meeting


Competition Results: 

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If you are a new dancer to ISDC or the competition team:  You will be considered an audit dancer in any team you choose.  This means that for the first few months you will be observed in class and will have to meet certain standards and skills in order to compete with this team.  Decisions will be made in November before costumes are ordered. We use this method so that the dancers have an ample time to prove themselves on the team, to work hard and practice.  If they were missing a certain skill at tryouts like splits or pirouette, now is the time to get those down.  They will be reevaluated on these skills and choreography as part of the audit process.  If you have any questions about this process or how to best help your dancer please don’t hesitate to ask.


If you are a returning dancer taking a new team:  You will be considered an audit for all new styles.  For instance if this is your first year on competition tap, you will audit.  This means that for the first few months you will be observed in class and will have to meet certain standards and skills in order to compete with this team.  Decisions will be made in November before costumes are ordered.


If you are a returning dancer taking the same teams:  We expect a strong work ethic and commitment out of you.  If at any time the instructor feels as if you aren’t performing up to our standards you can be removed from the team and become an audit.  Dancers must maintain certain skills all year long (don’t lose your splits).

We really want our dancers to be successful so we offer privates and extra practice time to dancers.  We encourage parents to come up and video the end of classes the last week of every month and help with practicing at home.  There will be a month between choreography week and classes starting in which we EXPECT all dancers to be practicing their choreography and working on skills.

Petite Company dancers:  There will be a competition jazz team at this level and a Precomp lyrical and tap class immediately following for those interested.  We only plan to take the jazz team to competitions but that might change if the other classes are doing well.

Please keep in mind that even if you are selected for a style and commit to that team, there is a chance we won’t have enough interest and that team might not exist.  If this happens we will work with you to find either a recreational class or another team to fill that spot.

Once we have commitments from dancers we will make teams and schedule the dancers.  At this time we will also make the schedule for Choreography week, July 24-27.  Choreography week is mandatory for all dancers.  If you absolutely can not attend due to vacation or other commitments you will be charged the choreography week fee (this is for the choreographers time whether you are there or not) and you must also make up with private or semi private lessons.  Please let us know right away if you can’t make it to choreography week.

We are offering Technique classes on Mondays in August between Choreography week and classes starting.  6:15-7 for Petite and Mini Company and 7-7:45 for Junior/Teen and Senior Company.  Cost is $42 for the month.  Registration is open via our website.

We will be holding an informational Parent Advisory Meeting during choreography week, time TBA.  The purpose of this meeting will be to assign parents to chair roles and to pass along information to new parents and answer questions.  The PAB is an integral part of the competition program and I know with everyone’s help we will have the best year ever.

Just a reminder, if you are planning to compete with a solo/duet/or trio this year we need your signed forms back ASAP.